Places I have worked over the years

Pusher logo


Front end developer
November 2019 - Present

Pusher makes APIs that help app developers to build scalable realtime communication features quickly and easily. As a member of the design team I help the business improve it’s interfaces and dashboards.

Government Digital Service logo

Government Digital Service

Front end developer on GOV.UK Pay
June 2017 - November 2019

Government Digital Service is part of the Cabinet Office and leads the digital transformation of government. I worked within Government as a Platform specifically as the front end developer on GOV.UK Pay, which makes it quicker and easier for government services to process payments online.

DigitasLBi logo


Interface developer on Project Helios
2016 - May 2017

Project Helios is the digital mothership of the Renault–Nissan alliance, the engine is currently deployed to 167 markets in 50 languages. In release prep we oversee the deployment of new features from any of the fourteen teams that contribute towards releases, we debug and choreograph the deployment. The Helios engine is rooted in Adobe Experience Manager CMS linked up with over 1000 different APIs with a BackboneJS front-end.

Rapha logo


Front end developer and designer
2013 - 2016

I joined Rapha as the first in-house developer and worked with a small team on a complete replatform moving the website, fulfilment and accounts on to Hybris. I was responsible for designing and building the front end of the website. I also worked with marketing on product releases and campaigns to produce exciting features using Wordpress.

Freelance logo


Web developer and designer
2010 - 2013

For a few years I freelanced with several companies and lived in varied locations including Wales, Bristol, Berlin and San Francisco. I mainly worked with my friends, The Hieatts, on various projects for The Do Lectures, The Do Book Company and Hiut Denim. The latter two were new companies and I was involved in all aspects of the business, from building the website to helping to manage inventory and invoices. I worked with other small business too building bespoke themes for mainly Wordpress and Shopify.

howies logo


Head of Web
2008 - 2010

I landed a job with howies right out of university after a summer interning there the year before. I brought a knowledge of the internet and social media to the company and helped grow the online presence of the brand. Being a small company I also helped out with a lot of things, from helping produce photoshoots to design and content for the quarterly catalogues.