• On Monday I went to see And So I Watch You From Afar play through their debut album it was huge and properly good. Every track is a banger.
  • After that I basically had a cold the rest of week which is not worth talking about.
  • The vid of AOC grilling Zuckerberg is brilliant. He and Facebook have so much to answer for.
  • Adjacently related this LRB piece on America was really depressing (and long) but I couldn’t help reading it all.
  • On Friday I saw Battles which was bangin’. I haven’t seen anyone play drums like he does. Although they were having some sort of technical issues with a synth or something, I couldn’t hear anything wrong but it seemed to be stressing them out. I often wonder what that must feel like, artists having a bad time on stage whilst the crowd is loving it anyway… tricky.
  • Bec and I peeled 8kgs of onions and jarred them in vinegar, this is becoming a proper Christmas tradition now.

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