• Olga Tokarczuk won the Nobel prize for literature and a while back I started Flights but I never finished and now feel like I should try harder.
  • I did however read the first two parts of Phillip Pullman’s new Book of Dust trilogy which I thoroughly enjoyed.
  • I made my first non-government open source contributions to Deno which was exciting. They were only cop out CSS edits though, need to get brave and write some TypeScript.
  • A couple of weeks ago I levelled up my nerd creds and got a myself a very small mechanical keyboard it’s fun, but I am still slow at typing.
  • MCD’s newsletter Electric Eel continues to be great. This weeks was particularly interesting which introduced me to Meduza, an English language independent Russian news outlet.
  • Really enjoyed this episode of Politics Theory Other about land ownership and the affordable housing shortage
  • I had dinner last night at Roti King, a Malaysian restaurant, big queue but it was delicious.

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